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Design RL - Web Design

Hi, I’m Rick Lee, a freelance web designer in San Diego. I’ve worked with clients all over the world implementing creative design and clean code.  Rest assured, I’ll give your project the attention it deserves.  Hope you enjoy my work!

Finding Optimism Finding Optimism Design, XHTML/CSS, Flash, Javascript, CMS Optimism was designed and built from start to finish by me. The project involved integrating a Wordpress blog as well as a simple Paypal store. The site is built with a CMS to make editing simple, quick, and easy. Chris Chase Design Chris Chase Design Design, XHTML/CSS, Flash, Javascript, CMS While at my former employer, Chris Chase Design, I was responsible for building the company's web site portfolio from start to finish. It utilizes a CMS for simple editing as well as an integrated Word Press Blog. The Nation's Triathlon The Nation's Triathlon Design, XHTML/CSS, Javascript, AJAX, CMS As the lead on this project, I worked closely with the client to plan, design, and code their website. This project involved routine updates to their content as well as email newsletters, an AJAX photo gallery, and styling their registration form system. Single Dad Single Dad Design, XHTML/CSS, CMS The largest site I have had the pleasure of working on, SingleDad required detail oriented design and code to cover all areas of the site. This project involved skinning a social network, producing dashboards, and archives all run through a content management system. Radiology Oncology Systems ROS Design, XHTML/CSS, Flash A reseller of medical imaging equipment, Radiology Oncology Systems' website required UI design for their inventory. I independently designed this site and produced the XHTML/CSS. This site also uses CSS multi-tiered menus and easily updated XML Flash.